adjective BUT adjective

Point 21 in the category of ADJECTIVES/combining: join a limited range of common adjectives, after ‘be’. TLC STUDENT SPEAKING TEST: Driving in the city is cool but difficult. male China B2 A search in iWeb for: _VB _JJ but _JJ 1 IS SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE 216 2 ‘S SAD BUT TRUE 181 3 IS SAD BUT TRUE 126 4 ARE SIMPLE BUT …

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far away | downstairs | nearby | upstairs

Point 48 in ADVERBS/as modifiers is defined as: an increasing range of adverbs and adverb phrases (‘near’, ‘far away’, ‘upstairs’, ‘downstairs’) to indicate place An iWeb search for: _VV far away 1 STAY FAR AWAY 1252 2 LIVE FAR AWAY 1205 3 SEEMS FAR AWAY 249 4 LIVES FAR AWAY 245 5 SEEM FAR AWAY …

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comparative AND comparative

Point 47 in Adjectives is defined as: ‘and’ to repeat a comparative adjective to indicate change over time, usually after ‘become’ or ‘get’ _V _JJR and _JJR 1 GETTING BIGGER AND BIGGER 1563 2 GETTING WORSE AND WORSE 1555 3 GETTING SMALLER AND SMALLER 897 4 GET BIGGER AND BIGGER 867 5 GOT WORSE AND …

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