adjective AND adjective

Point 2 in the category of ADJECTIVES: COMBINING TWO ADJECTIVES:  ‘and’ to join a limited range of common adjectives. An iWeb search for: _JJ and _JJ 1 BLACK AND WHITE 119795 2 QUICK AND EASY 85535 3 INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL 42909 4 NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL 42796 5 OLD AND NEW 35184 6 GOOD AND BAD …

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conjunction + past simple

In the English Grammar Profile, there are two points that overlap.  B2 point 55 is defined as: PAST simple after ‘if’ as a politeness structure, especially in letters and emails. B2 point 72 is defined as: the past simple with a range of subordinating conjunctions, including ‘as soon as’, ‘before’, ‘if’, ‘once’, ‘since’, ‘so’, ‘until’, …

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evaluative relative clause ‘… which is good’

In the English Grammar Profile, B2 Point 100 in the category of CLAUSES is hard to find formally as it is more USE related as the relative clause: refers to a whole clause or sentence, often to express an opinion or evaluation or give a reason. This is also found in PEARSON’S: GSE 61 B2 …

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