Point 38 in the category of CLAUSES/exclamations: ‘What a’ + noun phrase and ‘What a’ + noun phrase + clause PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: What a trip it was. Japanese female level 5 grammar class. An iWeb search for: . What a * * 1 . WHAT A GREAT WAY 1759 2 . WHAT A WASTE OF 1402 3 …

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a little | a bit of | a little bit of

Point 49 in DETERMINERS is defined as: quantifying determiners with uncountable nouns, often in informal and/or spoken contexts (‘a little’, ‘a bit of’ and ‘a little bit of’) *note, ‘little’ is hard to tag as a determiner and not an adjective.  Also, we believe that pronouns and other determiners should be allowed since they refer …

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Point 22 in the category of QUESTIONS is defined as: alternative questions with two phrases combined with ‘or’. If we follow the patterns in the EGP examples and search in iWeb with them: or _I _A _NN ? 1 OR IN THE FUTURE? 152 EXAMPLE: 3 Where can we see you perform next or in the future? 2 OR OVER THE PHONE? …

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