GE refers to the part of speech tag for the possessive ‘s = genetive.  

irregular plural noun + ‘s + noun

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 44 in the category of DETERMINERS is defined as: ‘S after irregular plural nouns to indicate possession. Here’s an expert example: Women‘s organizations were active participants from the beginning. (Listen to this sentence) A search in iWeb for: _NN2 _GE _NN We removed those that are not irregular. 1 CHILDREN ‘S HOSPITAL 34865 2 MEN ‘S …

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noun + OF + noun + ‘S + noun

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 42 in the category of NOUNS is defined as: complex noun phrases with noun phrase + ‘of’ + noun phrase + possessive determiner ‘s + noun phrase.   PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: Our chairs are on the opposite side of the doctor’s chair,  in front of the desk. Chinese female, Level 3 Writing Class. An iWeb search for: _NN of _NN _GE _NN …

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one’s + NOUN

The English Grammar Profile C1 Point 62 in DETERMINERS/possessives is defined as: ONE’S to indicate possession, referring to people in general. This corresponds to the GSE 71 B2+ one’s as an impersonal possessive adjective. An iWeb search: one _GE _N 1 ONE ‘S LIFE 8388 It’s hard to imagine the rest of one’s life alone. listen 2 ONE ‘S SELF 5224 3 ONE …

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singular noun ending in S + possessive ‘

Usually, the possessive singular noun takes ‘s regardless if it ends in s or not.  (Many English users get this wrong.) You are the boss‘s son. (A2 grammar) listen   Now, we actually don’t know this species‘ closest relative yet. (C2 grammar) listen C2 point 66 in DETERMINERS/possessives is defined as: apostrophe after singular nouns ending in s, to indicate possession. The English Grammar Profile only …

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What does ‘s mean between a noun and an adjective? It is always a genetive marker. It shows possession.   WORLD (NN1) ‘S (GE) LARGEST (JJT)   WORLD (NN1) ‘S (GE) LEADING (JJ_VVG)   WORLD (NN1) ‘S (GE) BEST (JJT)   WORLD (NN1) ‘S (GE) BIGGEST (JJT)   NATION (NN1) ‘S (GE) LARGEST (JJT)   WORLD (NN1) ‘S (GE) GREATEST (JJT) …


What does ‘s mean?

‘s firstly following proper noun as a possessive marker, or contracted ‘is‘. Then it could be ‘has‘ or the second part of a modal: ‘Let‘s go!’ 1 ‘S (GE) 36030994 genetive 2 ‘S (VBZ) 24517319 is 5 ‘S (VHZ) 1063909 has 7 ‘S (VM22) 864498 ‘let’s not’ is B2 If we look at large Ngrams …

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