(too) adjective + prepositional phrase

There is overlap between these two A2 English Grammar Profile points: Point 6 in the category of ADJECTIVES/modifying is defined: ‘too’ + adjective + prepositional phrase Point 28 in the category of ADJECTIVES/modifying is defined as: adjective phrases with a very limited range of adjectives + a prepositional phrase. The EGP examples for range are: …

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BE + adjective (increasing range)

In the English Grammar Profile, A2 point 16 in ADJECTIVES/position is defined as: increasing range of adjectives predicatively, after ‘be’. *This grammar point is better expanded in the English Vocabulary Profile because it offers more detail about vocabulary. A search on iWeb for _VB _JJ  *note that not all of the following are ‘predicative’ 1 BE …

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