superlative phrase

Point 15 in the category of ADJECTIVES is defined as: superlative adjective phrases using ‘the most’, with longer adjectives of two or more syllables. An iWeb search for: the most _JJ _NN 1 THE MOST IMPORTANT THING 69789 2 THE MOST IMPORTANT PART 22968 3 THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS 20263 After that, the most important things are healthy foods. PELIC STUDENT: …

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one | some + of the + SUPERLATIVE + PLURAL NOUN

Here are two expert examples of complex noun phrases as subject complements: Ocean worlds are some of the most fascinating places. Listen to this sentence   This is one of the most important things that any man can do. Listen *Note, ‘is one of the most‘ is the second most frequent 5-word Ngram. iWeb 262,288 In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 41 in ADJECTIVES is defined as:  ‘ONE OF …

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