determiner + superlative + noun (range)

B1 Point 48 in the category of ADJECTIVES is defined: noun phrases with a range of determiners before a superlative adjective. *This should include a range of nouns because at A2 it is a limited range.  One can guess that ‘my’ ‘your’ can still be B1 if the noun is not A1. We have removed …

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‘THE OTHER’ + noun

B1 point 47 in DETERMINERS/articles is defined as: ‘THE OTHER’ with a singular noun to refer to the second or the opposite of two things, and with a plural noun to refer to one of a set of things. PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: After a while, I thought that it was better to move to the other house. Korean, Female, Level 5, Writing Class   TLC SPEAKING TEST …

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superlative phrase

Point 15 in the category of ADJECTIVES is defined as: superlative adjective phrases using ‘the most’, with longer adjectives of two or more syllables. An iWeb search for: the most _JJ _NN 1 THE MOST IMPORTANT THING 69789 2 THE MOST IMPORTANT PART 22968 3 THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS 20263 After that, the most important things are healthy foods. PELIC STUDENT: …

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