MORE * THAN (complex comparisions)

A simple comparison in English is “She is more important than you.” One way to make comparisons more complex is to increase the number of words between ‘more’ and ‘than.’  This could include nouns or adjectives followed by non-finite clauses such as in the following EXPERT EXAMPLES: Today, billions of citizens have  more tools, more access to information, more capacity to influence  than ever before. TED It‘s harder to compose than to play. TLC native …

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might (question)

In the English Grammar Profile, C1 point 194 in MODALITY is defined as: ‘might’ QUESTIONS For example: How might you mark up the diagram to figure out what to do next? iWeb doesn’t allow us variable-length queries so the best we can do is: might _P * * * 1 MIGHT YOU BE ABLE TO 191 2 MIGHT IT BE POSSIBLE TO 132 3 MIGHT I BE …

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