noun + OF + noun + ‘S + noun

Point 42 in the category of NOUNS is defined as: complex noun phrases with noun phrase + ‘of’ + noun phrase + possessive determiner ‘s + noun phrase.   PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: Our chairs are on the opposite side of the doctor’s chair,  in front of the desk. Chinese female, Level 3 Writing Class. An iWeb search for: _NN of _NN _GE _NN 1 SECRETARY OF STATE …

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present simple (takes place)

Point 31 in the category of PRESENT is defined as: Present simple, STORIES AND COMMENTARIES, to summarise events or plot in a story or piece of history, often to give immediate dramatic interest. This usage is not really something that can be easily located in Corpora.  However, both example sentences in the EGP contain ‘takes …

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BE + given | offered | sold + prepositional phrase

“This post is brought to you by English Grammar Pro. ”  The previous sentence is an example of B2 level grammar.  If that interests you, then read on. There are a few points in the category of PASSIVES and verbs taking two objects that overlap and clash for which CEFR level they indicate.  Before trying …

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