mutiplying predeterminer + noun phrase

‘double, treble, quadruple’ can be multiplying predeterminers.  They come before other determiners in a noun phrase.  For example, ‘double the national average.’ New York City‘s unemployment rate was nearly double the national average in June. Other multiplying expressions: He earns three times more than me. She gets paid nearly three times as much as me. *In the English Vocabulary Profile, B1 if followed by a comparative structure. We can’t be …

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adverb + adjective + noun

Point 32 in the category of NOUNs is defined as: complex noun phrases with adverb + adjective + noun EXPERT EXAMPLE: And, you know, this is a fairly transparent example. *This overlaps B1 noun phrases in the category of ADJECTIVES and clashes with C1 in the category of modality (emphasis). A search in iWeb for: _RR _JJ _NN 1 PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE …

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adjective, adjective noun

This is another grammar point that is probably easier to deal with in the English Vocabulary Profile.  There are too many vague differences to distinguish between the different entries in the English Grammar Profile.  They could be explained in more detail. B1 Point 55 in the category of ADJECTIVES is defined as: a comma to …

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