VERB + ADVERB + PREPOSITION ‘go directly to’

B2 English Grammar Profile point 51 in the category of VERBS/prepositional is defined as: adverb between the verb and the preposition For example: George says the piston’s going to go right through the block any minute now. listen   Alex, maybe if everything goes well with the paintings, Victor and I will tour and we could visit you in New York. listen An iWeb search for _VV *ly_R _II 1 GO DIRECTLY TO 17903 We‘re gonna go directly to the airport and get a plane. listen 2 BASED SOLELY ON 13229 We can’t work based solely on rumour, can we? …

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one another

In the English Grammar Profile, B2 point 84 in the category of PRONOUNS / reciprocal is defined as: ‘ONE ANOTHER’ as the object of a verb or complement of a preposition to talk about the mutual behaviour of two or more people, often in formal contexts. A search for * * * * one another …

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