modal verb (question)

Here are more overlapping points across the English Grammar Profile.  We have included their examples when needed too elaborate: A2 point 14 in CLAUSES: AFFIRMATIVE interrogative clauses (‘yes/no’ forms) with modal auxiliary verbs. Would you like to come with me? Will you go with me? Can I come tomorrow to collect it? (Can you|we…? is listed at A1) Shall we meet at 7.30 pm? (Here are …

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himself | herself | myself | yourself

There are three very similar B1 points in the English Grammar Profile in the Category of PRONOUNS/singular reflexive Point 45 is defined as: ‘myself’, ‘yourself’, ‘himself’ and ‘herself’ after prepositions where the object of the preposition is the same as the subject of the verb. Point 65 is: ‘myself’, ‘yourself’, ‘himself’ and ‘herself’ for emphasis. …

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the best NOUN to VERB

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 35 in the category of adjectives/superlatives is defined as: ‘the best’ before a noun + to infinitive clauses A search in iWeb for: the best _NN to _VVI 1 THE BEST WAY TO GET 24333 2 THE BEST WAY TO GO 10777 3 THE BEST WAY TO MAKE 7555 …

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