determiner + OF + noun

Point 29 in DETERMINERS is defined: quantifying determiners + possessive determiners + ‘of’ + noun. noun phrases PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: In fact, some of my habits are changed by my mood. Arabic male level 3 writing class. An iWeb search for: _D of _AP _NN 1 MOST OF MY LIFE 9494 2 MOST OF YOUR TIME 8510 3 MOST OF THEIR TIME …

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determiner + adjective + ONES

Point 40 in the category of PRONOUNS/substitution is defined as: determiners + premodifers + ‘ones’ PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: (referring to outdoor activities) I think Bodrum has the best ones. Turkish, Male, Level 3, Writing Class. A search in iWeb for: _A _J ones 1 THE ONLY ONES 45418 2 YOUR LOVED ONES 30909 3 THEIR LOVED ONES 22398 4 THE …

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some | any | each | a few + of + PRONOUN

Point 49 in the category of PRONOUNS/quantity  is defined as: increasing range of pronouns (‘some’, ‘a few’, ‘any’, ‘each’) with ‘of’ followed by an object pronoun. An iWeb search for: some|any|each of _P 1 SOME OF THEM 180790 TLC SPEAKING TEST EXAMPLE: There are many types of chocolates in this world, but unfortunately, I’m a fussy girl and I just like some of them. female, India, B1 2 SOME OF …

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