subjunctive THAT clauses

There is no mention of ‘subjunctive’ in the English Grammar Profile.  There are some points such as the second conditional though that indirectly cover it. For this reason, we suggest that sentences using other subjunctive forms that are not conditional or listed elsewhere, be considered as C2. Here are that clause examples from Wikipedia: It‘s crucial that he be here by noon. …

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phrasal verb + clause ‘work out how you did it’

At C2 in the English Vocabulary Profile: work out = to understand something or to find the answer to something by thinking about it A search in NOW corpus for which ‘question words’ follow phrasal verbs: work out _*Q 1 WORK OUT HOW 12286 Just give us five minutes, Mr Poirot, and I‘m sure we‘ll be able to work out how you did it. listen 2 WORK OUT WHAT 11671 …

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THE ONE(S) THAT + clause (focus)

Here are two examples of ‘focus’ in English grammar, using ‘the one that + clause’ in the subject position: The one that comes in the box, his colleague told him, was notorious for making users’faces itchy and red.   The Wall Street Journal The ones that make you look older, or even the ones where you turn into a hot dog are still really engaging.    Mobile Marketing Magazine In the English Grammar Profile, C2 point 114 in the category of PRONOUNS/substitution is defined as: ‘The one(s) that’ + …

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‘It is said that …’ (IT + passive)

Let’s take a look at an IELTS writing task 2 example with this grammar: It is argued that volunteering should be made a part of the school curriculum. In the above example, ‘is argued‘ forms the passive part.  The active form of this is probably: ‘People argue that…” In our example, ‘people’ is not important or maybe we don’t know who …

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There are 4 ways that ‘that’s‘ can be used grammatically. 1 THAT (DD1) ‘S (VBZ) 2910658 Yeah, that‘s right. listen 6 THAT (CST) ‘S (VBZ) 46519 8 THAT (DD1) ‘S (VHZ) 15994 9 THAT (CST) ‘S (VHZ) 12804


1 THAT (CST) 68828662 3 THAT (DD1) 25191738 5 THAT (CS22) 3093377 6 THAT (RG) 524810 7 THAT (REX21) 308941