article + noun + OF

Here are the results from the iWeb corpus for: _A _NN of 1 A LOT OF 3787315 A2 2 THE END OF 1984621 Everybody chokes sometimes. It‘s not the end of the world. listen 3 A NUMBER OF 1464260 I had a very good one for a number of years, thank you. listen 4 THE NUMBER OF 1194874 5 THE REST OF 1102466 6 A COUPLE OF 1090076 …

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actually | unfortunately | of course | I’m sorry

Stance adverb phrases express the speaker’s attitude towards a statement. It covers four examples: “actually” (used to emphasize truth), “unfortunately” (expresses regret or bad news), “of course” (emphasizes that something is expected or well-known), and “I’m sorry” (expresses regret or softens an unpleasant statement).