preposition + article + noun

In this post, we are looking at more advanced uses of the ‘preposition + article + noun phrase‘ structure.  For example: I just came on the spur of the moment. listen I was just in the mood for a little conversation. Even Money   My life has been extraordinarily blessed  with marriage and children and certainly interesting work to do,  whether it be at the University of Sydney Law School,  where I served a term as dean,  or now as I sit on the United Nations Committee  on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities,  in Geneva. TED Someone‘s in a mood. listen Your mother will be over the …

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academic + year | achievement | performance | success | research 68730

STUDENT EXAMPLE: During my first and second academic years, I never went to the library. Chinese female level 5 writing class. iWeb ranking: 1 ACADEMIC YEAR 68730 2 ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT 21832 3 ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE 16841 4 ACADEMIC SUCCESS 16798 5 ACADEMIC RESEARCH 11633 6 ACADEMIC WORK 7408 7 ACADEMIC CAREER 7300 8 ACADEMIC COMMUNITY 6014 9 ACADEMIC STUDY 5326 10 ACADEMIC WRITING 5230 11 ACADEMIC INSTITUTION …

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one’s + NOUN

The English Grammar Profile C1 Point 62 in DETERMINERS/possessives is defined as: ONE’S to indicate possession, referring to people in general. This corresponds to the GSE 71 B2+ one’s as an impersonal possessive adjective. An iWeb search: one _GE _N 1 ONE ‘S LIFE 8388 It’s hard to imagine the rest of one’s life alone. listen 2 ONE ‘S SELF 5224 3 ONE …

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