determiner + adjective + ONES

Point 40 in the category of PRONOUNS/substitution is defined as: determiners + premodifers + ‘ones’ PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: (referring to outdoor activities) I think Bodrum has the best ones. Turkish, Male, Level 3, Writing Class. A search in iWeb for: _A _J ones 1 THE ONLY ONES 45418 2 YOUR LOVED ONES 30909 3 THEIR LOVED ONES 22398 4 THE …

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adjective + ONES

Point 50 in the category of PRONOUNS/substitution is defined as: premodifiers with ‘ones’, to refer to something in general. An iWeb search for: _JJ ones 1 LOVED ONES 102997 2 NEW ONES 78751 3 LITTLE ONES 58655 4 ONLY ONES 46742 5 GOOD ONES 26844 6 OLD ONES 24098 7 OTHER ONES 16209 8 SMALLER …

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each other

Point 60 in the category of PRONOUNS/reciprocal is defined as: ‘each other’ as the object of a verb or complement of a preposition to talk about the mutual behaviour of two or more people. An iWeb search for: * * * each other 1 ON TOP OF EACH OTHER 13130 (note that many of these …

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 SO + adjective + that CLAUSE

Point 83 in CLAUSES/comparatives  is defined as:  ‘so’ + adjective + ‘that’ clause. An iWeb search for: so _J that * * 1 SO GLAD THAT I DID 776 2 SO HAPPY THAT I FOUND 449 3 SO GLAD THAT YOU ARE 424 4 SO GLAD THAT I FOUND 419 5 SO CONFIDENT THAT YOU …

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Not + everyone | everything | every | all

Point 26 in the category of NEGATION is defined as: ‘not’ with indefinite pronouns ‘everyone’ and ‘everything’ and determiners ‘every’, ‘all’ For example: Not everyone is always looking for easier. (more context) Besides, not everyone needs a decent education. (more context) PELIC student example: level 3 Portugese female: Finally, not all things you think to do in this world can turn out in the way you try to do them. A search in iWeb corpus for: …

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superlative + prepositional phrase

Point 37 in the category of ADJECTIVES is defined as: an increasing range of complex noun phrases with a superlative adjective + prepositional phrase, to talk about something unique. A search on iWeb for: _AT _RGT _JJ _N _I   1 THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF 16690 2 THE MOST COMMON TYPE OF 11789 PELIC …

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RATHER THAN + non-finite clause | phrase

Let’s look at how ‘rather than‘ is used to compare.  In the English Vocabulary Profile, at B1 the meaning is:  ‘instead of ‘ I‘d like coffee rather than tea. I usually wear a swimsuit rather than shorts. In the above examples: coffee, tea, a swimsuit, shorts are nouns or noun phrases, so ‘rather than‘ or ‘instead of‘ are complex prepositions. Here’s a student example …

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‘She’s the best.’ (superlative adjective without a following noun)

Which superlative adjective should we learn at higher levels?