really | so | quite + ADJECTIVE

Point 32 in the category of ADJECTIVES/modifying: adverbs of degree (‘really’, ‘so’, ‘quite’) with an increasing range of common gradable adjectives. PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: I was so hungry, so I ate two sandwiches. Korean male level 2 writing class. An iWeb search for: really|so|quite _JJ 1 REALLY GOOD 291861 2 SO GOOD 182087 3 SO EASY 127227 4 SO IMPORTANT 102790 5 SO …

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adjective BUT adjective

Point 21 in the category of ADJECTIVES/combining: join a limited range of common adjectives, after ‘be’. TLC STUDENT SPEAKING TEST: Driving in the city is cool but difficult. male China B2 A search in iWeb for: _VB _JJ but _JJ 1 IS SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE 216 2 ‘S SAD BUT TRUE 181 3 IS SAD BUT TRUE 126 4 ARE SIMPLE BUT …

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-able adjective suffix

Most words that end in -able are adjectives. Here we list in order of most to least frequent those found in the top 100 on iWeb corpus.  These are not found much in the lower proficiency levels.  It would be wiser to teach vocabulary this way at upper-intermediate and above. They are AVAILABLE, COMFORTABLE, VALUABLE, …

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