not even

‘not even’ can be used to emphasize that something is not true or didn’t happen. It’s B1 in the English Vocabulary Profile. Here are the collocates of ‘not even’ in the movie corpus: 1 CLOSE 443 It‘s not even close! listen 2 YET 398 3 ANYMORE 215 I‘m not even allowed to swim with her anymore. listen 4 SUPPOSED 164 5 ANYONE 133 …

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adjective AND adjective

Point 2 in the category of ADJECTIVES: COMBINING TWO ADJECTIVES:  ‘and’ to join a limited range of common adjectives. An iWeb search for: _JJ and _JJ 1 BLACK AND WHITE 119795 2 QUICK AND EASY 85535 3 INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL 42909 4 NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL 42796 5 OLD AND NEW 35184 6 GOOD AND BAD …

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BY phrases

In this post we explore the ways ‘by’ is tagged in large corpora such as iWeb and NOW. 1 BY (II) is clearly most commonly found to be a simple preposition. 2 BY (II31) (complex prepositional phrase) 1 BY WAY OF 81460 C1 Second, the other sentences which make up the body of the paragraph should support the topic sentence  by way of explaining or defining it. PELIC STUDENT: Korean female, level 5 writing …

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