phrase ellipsis

Here’s a student example of verb phrase ellipsis: You need to study hard to pass the test unless you don’t want to. PELIC Arabic female level 4 grammar class Although there are a number of grammar points in the English Grammar Profile to do with Ellipsis, there are none that cover the ellipsis of phrases before or after the ‘TO’ infinitive.  Therefore, we turn to Pearson’s GSE …

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The use of the conjunction ‘plus’ is covered at two different grammar points in the EGP. Point 14 in CONJUNCTIONS/coordinating is defined as: ‘PLUS’ WITH NOUNS often in relation to numbers. Point 12 is: ‘plus’ to connect clauses and sentences, often to point out a positive addition or advantage. *The word ‘plus’ is difficult to …

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listing adjectives + ellipted clauses

There are two similar points at C2 for listing adjectives. Point 76 at C2 in ADJECTIVES/combining is defined as: list of adjectives in ellipted clauses before and after a noun, to give focus. The EGP examples contain: Imaginative_JJ , good-humoured_JJ , friendly_JJ , he_PPHS1 was_VBDZ … The_AT latter_DA fat_JJ ,_, ugly_JJ and_CC sick_JJ blows_VVZ … …

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