WORLD (phrases)

In this post, we give examples of 7 different ways the noun ‘world‘ is used in English.  In the English Vocabulary Profile at A2: your world = your life and experiences A search in NOW corpus for: _APPGE world 1 OUR WORLD 67437 This may be literally our planet. 2 THEIR WORLD 33865 Note that ‘their’ …

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my | your | his | her | our + NOUN

A1 point 9 in the category of DETERMINERS is defined: possessive determiners ‘my’, ‘your’, ‘his’, ‘her’ and ‘our’ before nouns. A search in iWeb for: my|your|his|her|our _NN 1 YOUR BUSINESS 624027 You need to know a lot of things about how to make your business. TLC STUDENT EXAMPLE male Russia B2 2 YOUR HOME 598828 3 MY LIFE 576086 4 YOUR LIFE 560286 5 YOUR …

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singular noun ending in S + possessive ‘ (-s’)

From Google/Oxford, the suffix: s’ denotes possession in plural nouns and sometimes in singular nouns having a final s. For example:  “the girls’ dormitories” Girls is plural. Usually, the possessive singular noun takes ‘s regardless if it ends in s or not.  (Many English users get this wrong.) You are the boss‘s son. (A2 grammar) listen Boss is singular.  …

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