my | your | his | her | our + NOUN

A1 point 9 in the category of DETERMINERS is defined: possessive determiners ‘my’, ‘your’, ‘his’, ‘her’ and ‘our’ before nouns. A search in iWeb for: my|your|his|her|our _NN 1 YOUR BUSINESS 624027 You need to know a lot of things about how to make your business. TLC STUDENT EXAMPLE male Russia B2 2 YOUR HOME 598828 3 MY LIFE 576086 4 YOUR LIFE 560286 5 YOUR …

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singular noun ending in S + possessive ‘

Usually, the possessive singular noun takes ‘s regardless if it ends in s or not.  (Many English users get this wrong.) You are the boss‘s son. (A2 grammar) listen   Now, we actually don’t know this species‘ closest relative yet. (C2 grammar) listen C2 point 66 in DETERMINERS/possessives is defined as: apostrophe after singular nouns ending in s, to indicate possession. The English Grammar Profile only …

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