lexical verb + object + location (walk somebody home)

In the English Vocabulary Profile: take = GO WITH SOMEONE A1 to go somewhere with someone, often paying for them or being responsible for them walk sb home/to sth B1 to walk with someone in order to guide them or keep them safe However, we would argue that the complexity differences are not that clear or …

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past simple affirmative (range)

Here’s an example of past simple with academic collocation: I added some information now. (listen to this sentence) There are 3 entries in the English Grammar Profile for past simple affirmative range.  This point is best covered by the English Vocabulary Profile since it offers much more detail about vocabulary. A1 point 1 is defined: past simple affirmative form …

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(was + past participle) ‘It was built’

Here’s a past simple passive example: “The church was built in 1663.” is an example of A2 passive grammar. In the English Grammar Profile, point 1 in the category of PASSIVE is: past simple affirmative after a singular subject. A search for was _vvn on iWeb corpus: 1 WAS BORN 459313 2 WAS MADE 320241 …

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