might not

Point 73 in the category of MODALITY is defined: ‘might’ negative form TLC STUDENT SPEAKING TEST EXAMPLE: I might not earn as much as others do. female India B1 An iWeb search for: might _XX _VVI 1 MIGHT NOT KNOW 12293 2 MIGHT NOT WANT 9556 3 MIGHT NOT WORK 8820 4 MIGHT NOT GET 8374 5 MIGHT NOT SEEM 7198 6 …

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not be going to

Point 26 in the category of FUTURE is defined: the negative form of ‘be going to’ to talk about plans and intentions An iWeb search for: _XX _VVGK _T _VVI 1 NOT GOING TO GET 20965 2 NOT GOING TO HAPPEN 14351 3 NOT GOING TO GO 10194 4 NOT GOING TO MAKE 9409 5 …

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past simple negative

Point 10 in the category of NEGATION is defined as: negative statements of main verbs in the past simple with ‘didn’t’ + main verb A search in iWeb for: did n’t _VVI 1 DID N’T KNOW 189531 2 DID N’T WANT 163517 3 DID N’T GET 103113 4 DID N’T THINK 70287 5 DID N’T …

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