can’t bear + to-infinitive

In the English Vocabulary Profile at B2, ‘bear’ is defined: accept someone or something unpleasant For example: I can’t bear to see him like this. listen *There are other uses of ‘bear’ that are more advanced.  However, the sense defined above has a distinct grammar pattern: (CAN | COULD) (often negative) + bear + (to-infinitive | Verb-ing | noun phrase) Verb-ing …

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Here are two A2 English Grammar Profile points in different categories that cover imperatives. Point 39 in the category of CLAUSES is defined: affirmative imperative with the base form of a main verb Point 7 in NEGATION:  negative imperatives of main verbs with ‘don’t’ + main verb. For example: Now, wait a minute. Sit down, Zero. listen …

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verb + preposition + object

In the English Grammar Profile, A1 point 4 in VERBS/prepositional is defined as: limited range of prepositional verbs followed by noun or pronoun objects. The examples in the EGP: listen_VV0 to_II music_NN1 look_VVI after_II her_PPHO1 look_VVI for_IF mushrooms_NN2 Point 31 at B1 is the same as above except: “increasing range”. James, do you think you can cope with the pressure? listen We wish we wouldn’t have to deal with these things. …

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