wrongly + past participle

In the English Vocabulary Profile at C1: wrongly accused/convicted/imprisoned, etc. accused or punished unfairly or illegally For example: My father’s currently being wrongly incarcerated for 12 years. TED A search in NOW corpus for: wrongly _VVN Wrongly +  1 ACCUSED 3646 2 CONVICTED 2727 We‘re trying to help people who have been wrongly convicted. TED 3 IDENTIFIED 744 4 CLAIMED 679 5 ASSUMED 592 6 DECIDED 563 7 ATTRIBUTED 520 …

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GET + reflexive pronoun + past participle

You should get yourself checked by your doctor. This is an example of the B2 grammar point. point 18 in PASSIVES is defined as: reflexive pronoun with the ‘get’-passive [get] _ppx _vvn 1 GET YOURSELF CHECKED 313   The Indian Express Don’t miss your dental check-ups, here’s why If you get yourself checked at a …

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had not been + PAST PARTICIPLE

In the English Grammar Profile, B2 point 17 in the category of PASSIVES is defined as: PAST PERFECT passive SIMPLE negative form. A search on iWeb corpus for had _xx been _vvn The most common in ranking order are: SEEN, MADE, GIVEN, USED, PAID, TOLD, and TAKEN. Ranked 9 is ‘HAD NOT BEEN INFORMED’   …

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