if + necessary | any | anything | in doubt (subject and verb ellipsis)

Here are EXPERT EXAMPLES of subject and verb ellipsis after ‘if’: When you speak your character’s words, you can hear whether they sound natural, and fix them if necessary. TED *If necessary = if it is necessary. Unlike the billions of people who have few options, if any, due to war, poverty or illness, you have plentiful opportunities to live decisively. TED *if any = if there are any.     Planet Radio If in doubt, don’t drive. *if in doubt = in you are in doubt. GSE 66 B2 omit …

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ANYTHING (negative context)

Point 13 in the category of NEGATION: an increasing range of indefinite pronouns in negative contexts iWeb searches for: _XX * * * anything 1 N’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING 3419 2 N’T NEED TO DO ANYTHING 2289 3 N’T WANT TO DO ANYTHING 1784 4 N’T THINK THERE ‘S ANYTHING 1698 5 NOT GOING …

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ANYTHING + post-modifier

Point 104 in the category of PRONOUNS/indefinite is defined: ‘anything’ with post-modifiers to form complex noun phrases as subjects with a singular verb, to give focus. . Anything _RR * * 1 . ANYTHING ELSE IS JUST 243 2 . ANYTHING ELSE IS A 233 3 . ANYTHING ELSE WOULD BE 170 4 . ANYTHING …

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