determiner + noun phrase (increasing range)

Here’s a student example of a determiner + uncountable noun: My teacher told me “enjoy the music and you will dance naturally.” PELIC Taiwanese female level 3 writing class A2 point 18 in the category of  NOUNS is defined: form simple noun phrases by pre-modifying nouns with an increasing range of determiners. A2 point 24 in the category of NOUNS: form …

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the same as

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 52 in the category of CLAUSES/comparatives is defined as: THE SAME’ (+ NOUN) + ‘AS’ + PRONOUN OR NOUN Here is an example without a noun after ‘the same’: The Mary Lou is actually the same as the Mary Jane. listen A search in iWeb for: the same _N as _N *Note that if there is …

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