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Listed in the English Vocabulary Profile at C2: yet another/more, etc. used to show that you are surprised or annoyed that something is being repeated or increased At B2,  Yet again again after something has happened or been done many times before However, this structure is also listed at B2 in the Cambridge dictionary: used …

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time adjuncts

A1 point 1 in the category of NOUNS/phrases: AS ADJUNCTS in some time expressions. The English Grammar Profile examples include: …you tomorrow morning. …her tomorrow …interview today. …you again next week. A search in iWeb for: _P _MD _NNT 1 IT LAST YEAR 6046 Randy did it last year. listen 2 IT LAST NIGHT 4620 3 IT NEXT TIME …

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subject pronoun (ellipsis)

In the English Grammar Profile, B2 point 85 in the category of PRONOUNS is defined as: (SUBJECT) ELLIPSIS: leave out the subject pronoun with a limited range of verbs, in informal contexts. *this will clash with imperatives and iWeb searches time out too much, so here we search for modals, past participles and 3rd person verbs.  …

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TIME (complex adverbial phrases)

1 TIME (NNT1) 24212119 (noun) 2 TIME (RR42) 192513 (from time to time) B2 adverbial phrase Maybe it would’ve done you some good to have some questions from time to time. listen 3 TIME (VV0%) 101432 9 TIME (VVI) 9981 (verb) 4 TIME (RT43) 37727 (For the time being) 5 TIME (RR31) 21289 (time and again)

adverbial phrases with ‘AND’

The second most common word in English is ‘AND’  which is usually a conjunction.  It’s also used in complex adverbial phrases: and so on (A2 in the English Vocabulary Profile) I need you to help me with my bags and so on. listen TIME AND AGAIN (unlisted in the EVP) I‘ve told you fellas time and again, this haka won’t work until you get the first action right! listen BY AND LARGE (C1) The men who work for PointCorp, the men you dishonour by calling them mercenaries are,  by and large, retired American military personnel. listen BY …

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