time adjuncts

A1 point 1 in the category of NOUNS/phrases: AS ADJUNCTS in some time expressions. The English Grammar Profile examples include: …you tomorrow morning. …her tomorrow …interview today. …you again next week. A search in iWeb for: _P _MD _NNT 1 IT LAST YEAR 6046 Randy did it last year. listen 2 IT LAST NIGHT 4620 3 IT NEXT TIME …

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TIME (complex adverbial phrases)

1 TIME (NNT1) 24212119 (noun) 2 TIME (RR42) 192513 (from time to time) B2 adverbial phrase Maybe it would’ve done you some good to have some questions from time to time. listen 3 TIME (VV0%) 101432 9 TIME (VVI) 9981 (verb) 4 TIME (RT43) 37727 (For the time being) 5 TIME (RR31) 21289 (time and again)

adverbial phrases with ‘AND’

The second most common word in English is ‘AND’  which is usually a conjunction.  It’s also used in complex adverbial phrases: and so on (A2 in the English Vocabulary Profile EVP) I need you to help me with my bags and so on. listen Also, note that ‘and so forth‘ is not listed in the EVP, but is listed in OXFORD at B1: I‘ve had ample opportunity to observe Browning and adopt his physical presence, study his mannerisms, and so …

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