future perfect simple question

C2 point 70 in the category of FUTURE is future perfect simple QUESTIONS: For example: Will they have learned that reading is a chore? A COCA search for: Will _P have _V*N * This is extremely rare! 1 WILL WE HAVE LEFT 4 2 WILL WE HAVE MADE 4   The Cornell Daily Sun When our other friend calls Trump voters ” insane ” and we don’t disagree with them, how will we have made this friend feel? 18 Nov 2020 3 WILL YOU …

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present perfect simple negative passive

Point 20 in the category of PASSIVES is defined as: PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE, NEGATIVE often in the context of reporting reported speech   A search on iWeb for _vh _xx been _vvn: 1 HAS NOT BEEN ESTABLISHED 3143 2 HAS NOT BEEN SEEN 3058 3 HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED 2794 4 HAS NOT BEEN USED …

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