BE + -WN passive suffix

After ‘BE’, a word ending with ‘wn’ is usually past participle. The exceptions are ‘down’, ‘brown’, ‘well-known’ and ‘unknown’. 1 IS (VBZ) KNOWN (VVN) 377649 2 ARE (VBR) KNOWN (VVN) 143646 3 IS (VBZ) SHOWN (VVN) 130843 4 BEEN (VBN) SHOWN (VVN) 110513 5 BE (VBI) SHOWN (VVN) 83516 6 BEEN (VBN) KNOWN (VVN) 80984 […]

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-ERN adjective suffix

Almost every time a preposition, article or determiner is before a word ending with -ern and followed by a noun the word is an adjective or the name of a place. 1 IN (II) NORTHERN (NP1) IRELAND (NP1) 29239 2 IN (II) SOUTHERN (JJ) CALIFORNIA (NP1) 26031 3 OF (IO) SOUTHERN (JJ) CALIFORNIA (NP1) 20522 […]

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