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” Here at English Grammar Pro, you’ll get much more than a syntax app for windows 10. You won’t need any morphology learning software for a free download either since linguistics apps for pc do not make you a professional. Rest assured, you will be a guru online before needing software for a free download in full version right here.

Let’s not forget the language from that little country called England which is now so widely used throughout this shrinking world.  English has become an international system of many Englishes. (Yes, that is grammatically correct!) The elements are always changing and we want to teach you to go fish for the most frequent real English online as freshly delivered as possible and at the right proficiency level.”

EnglishGrammar.Pro (2019)

English Grammar Profile

This website is, for now, a place for sharing English grammar research. As it develops in time, there will be an expansion of the English Grammar Profile (EGP) for teachers and learners of the English language. The EGP is a wonderful resource that describes what English learners can do at various points of their inter-language. However, how it is to be used FOR learners not only requires further research, but also quite a great deal more input from teachers so that students can benefit from it. This is where English Grammar Pro starts to develop its findings further.

English Grammar Pro for the Guru

What we are sharing here is a great deal of what is hidden from teachers. That is the ability for them to do their grammar searches on their texts. To that end, here we are sharing our “Regular Expressions” or REGEX (RE). REs are the complex codes that allow us to locate parts of speech to locate grammar complexity for example. Each grammar point presented here will contain a regular expression to find forms tagged with Lancaster University’s CLAWS 7 tagset. This is used by corpora like iWeb corpus, and the automatic tagger can be used to tag your texts too.

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In the same spirit of shared research found in the links above, it is the goal of this website to further partake in such noble endeavours. It should be noted that EnglishGrammar.Pro is not in any way affiliated with English Grammar Profile or is it an “organisation promoting commercial materials as “English Profile informed.”

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