present continuous + adverbs of indefinite frequency

Let’s look at two expert examples of ‘BE + adverbs of indefinite frequency + VERBing‘   Russia Beyond At the time of application for Russian citizenship, the spouses must be permanently residing in Russia and must be married for three years. 16 Feb 2021 There are a few ways to approach loved ones who are persistently asking the same question.            (elmcroft.com) You should know that the most common adverbs of indefinite frequency include: frequently, infrequently, regularly, always, usually, …

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(always | constantly) + past continuous

Let’s look at two examples to explain this grammar.  The first is from a student writing example using past continuous with an adverb that shows he didn’t control the situation with his friend and the second one is from an expert speaker using passives: For example, he was always playing soccer when I played baseball. PELIC Korean male level 4 grammar class.   They were …

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