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their noun

iWeb search for B1 1 THEIR LIVES 325158 2 THEIR WAY 262764 3 THEIR CHILDREN 216153 4 THEIR WORK 213183 5 THEIR FAMILIES 209014 6 THEIR HOME 163269 7 THEIR TIME 157752 8 THEIR BUSINESS 143531 9 THEIR PARENTS 129414 10 THEIR WEBSITE 119786 11 THEIR HANDS 116015 12 THEIR PRODUCTS 110206 13 THEIR CUSTOMERS […]

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The use of ‘their’ is confusing to give level to, because there is differing information between the English Vocabulary and Grammar Profiles, and secondly the uses are hard to locate in corpora automatically. At B2, Point 58 in the category of DETERMINERS & possessive is defined as: GENERIC ‘THEIR’ before nouns to refer to a […]

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Point 54 in the category of DETERMINERS & possessives is defined as possessive determiner ‘its’ before nouns to refer to a singular inanimate subject or object. Search for clusters that are not a mistake for ‘it is’ on iWeb corpus: ITS WAY TO THE 11703  ITS KIND IN THE 11249 ITS OWN RIGHT . 10405 […]

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