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May I?

There are four entries in the English Grammar Profile that capture “May I…?”  Point 97 are polite questions.  They probably are not really asking for permission.  119 is literally asking for permission.  Yet, for the purposes of designating a complexity level, this matters little.  The interpretation of this structure becomes more difficult once we jump […]

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how can (reflections)

Roughly 10% of language points in the English Grammar Profile depend heavily on manual interpretation to identify them. That is when the form has many other more frequent uses, and when the use is highly specific. Let’s investigate point 233 in the category of MODALITY. ‘how can’ to reflect, through rhetorical questions. And how can […]

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9 tokens left and right of “might” in the COCA: 1 SOMEDAY (RT ) 741 2 TEMPTED (VVN ) 371 3 FEARING (VVG ) 259 4 CONCEIVABLY (RR ) 190 5 OVERHEAR (VVI ) 50   6 CYNIC (NN1 ) 46 7 PROFITABLY (RR ) 39 8 USEFULLY (RR ) 39 9 CYNICS (NN2 ) […]

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