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BE (due) to

There are three similar points in the category of Future expressions with ‘BE’ at B2 in the English Grammar Profile. 47  ‘be due to’ and, more formally, ‘be to’ talk about things that are scheduled or expected. 53 OBLIGATIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS WITH ‘BE TO’ 56 present form of ‘be’ + ‘due to’. There is also […]

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My education includes: A Certificate in Education with a GPA of 6. Three of the units were in TESOL and one was in educational research. (2020) Prior to that, I have a Bachelor in Visual Arts, but also two years of a Bachelor of Education – secondary teaching. (1995) I have also completed a CELTA. […]

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Claws 7 tagging errors

13/8/2020 This is something I have noticed before when I repeat something from concordance lines with similar grammar: Asyoumayormaynotknow_VV0 ,_, big_JJ things_NN2 are_VBR happening_VVG here_RL in_II Williamsburg_NP1 ,_, Brooklyn_NP1 ._. Asyoumayhavenoticed_NP1 ,_, theChat_VV0 function_NN1 has_VHZ disappeared_VVN from_II the_AT top_NN1 of_IO the_AT Forum_NN1 ._. This even happens when the sentences above are done one at a […]

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BE about to

There are 3 almost identical points in the category of FUTURE in the English Grammar Profile: Point 41  in the past is defined as: simple past form of ‘be’ + ‘about to’ (often with ‘just’) to talk about the immediate future from a point in the past. Point 43 future expressions with ‘BE ABOUT TO […]

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