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didn’t dare

In the EGP, Point 223 in the category of modality is used to talk about not being brave enough to do something.  It seems an unusual piece of grammar in that it is an infinitive next to another infinitive without “to”.  It also is surrounded usually by verbs of speech. Collocates 5 to the left […]

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The featured image above shows the multiple proficiency levels that this modal verb is associated with the English Grammar Profile. The very formal nature of this modal verb can be easily seen with a search for collates 5 sides left and right of “shall” in the NOW corpus: 1 BE (VBI ) 211652 2 LAW […]

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Ethnographic research

Now that we have looked briefly at what educational research is, it’s time to get more specific about one of the qualitative designs.  Ethno means people and graphy is writing, so this is writing about groups of people.   It comes from cultural anthropology or writing about culture.   This could include their thoughts, the rules of […]

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BE supposed to infinitive

The B1 / B2 divide seems to have many clashing or repeated points when locating forms.   This post introduces another.   The B2 points 153 in the category of MODALITY “be supposed to” to talk about expectation or obligation, and point 130 also in MODALITY ” be supposed to’ to talk about hearsay or supposition clashes […]

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