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In addition to all the grammar points from the EGP, this is the first post dedicated to A2 and above grammar in the EVP that is included in the coding of the complexity checker.  We are only including those points which are not already covered. A AN ACTION A2 used before some action nouns when […]

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plural noun + -ES

Point 19 in NOUNS is defined as: plurals by adding ‘-es’ to countable nouns ending in ‘-o’, ‘-ch’, ‘-s’, ‘-sh’, ‘-x’ or ‘-z’. A search on iWeb for: *oes_N 1 SHOES 688509 2 HEROES 282618 PELIC STUDENT: Male,623,4,w Dressing up like super heroes is quite popular. *The above example is hidden by other grammar points.   3 POTATOES 225187 4 TOMATOES […]

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Verb + VerbING

Point 56 in Verbs/patterns is defined as an increasing range of verbs followed by an ‘-ing’ form. A search for _VV _VVG in iWeb corpus: 1 KEEP GOING 656012 STARTED USING 54040 3 RECOMMEND USING 51031 1 WE RECOMMEND USING ONE OF 182 Tom’s Guide We recommend using one of the best password managers to […]

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